Responsible Blogging

I'm not exactly a high profile blogger... But since I've started this blog, I've realised I do need to be mindful of the messages I send out with my content.

I know that whatever the subject matter of a post, I want to be kind. Racist, anti-LGBTQ+, body-shaming or any other hateful comments are not welcome on this blog, by anyone. And it's really important to me that my posts are a space to discuss difficult issues that I (and, potentially, readers) have come across and to offer help and advice where I can. I don't want my blog to become negative or to be used to bring myself or others down.

A few months ago, for example, I wrote a post about my "problem" with snacking and it was pretty popular. But the more I thought about it, the less comfortable I was about the article I had written. I didn't want to be advocating the idea that snacking at all is a problem - it's healthy to snack - and besides, I'm not a nutritionist or in any way qualified to talk about food. So I've deleted the post and feel much better about it - and about my snacking which I no longer punish myself for.

I was also worried that it could exacerbate someone's eating disorder, even just a little bit, and I couldn't stand that possibility. I want my blog to stand for positive mental health stories, not for making anyone's illnesses worse.

Thinking about responsible blogging also makes me think about the more general world of blogging and of sponsorship and adverts. Ads are almost synonymous with the word "blogger" nowadays so it is definitely something that needs to be thought about carefully.

As an influencer, even if you are getting a product for free to review as you like, I think that serious questions need to be asked before agreeing to take the product or service to your blog. Questions such as... Is it an ethical product/service - is it or its production harming people/animals/the environment? Will it genuinely help my readers to tell them about this product/service?

Again, these are not things that I really thought about at all when first blogging a couple of years ago. But I'm trying to be much more aware of where my things come from, especially clothes and food and beauty products. Kind and cruelty free products are not necessarily more expensive but do take more effort to find. I think that these things are worth the effort though.

As with blogging about anything, buying things can be easily done without much thought and it's exactly what I used to do. But I'm trying now to be more aware and careful, not only about my content, but also my lifestyle.

Essentially, my aim for this blog is to be realistic and honest whilst spreading positive messages and creating dialogue. It's also about self improvement and becoming a better, kinder person.

This also means it's important to be open to corrections and to being educated, so if I ever write something that is seen to be offensive or ignorant, then please message me so I know and can change it.

I really hope that this little website can be positive and relatable. So welcome everyone to my blog - I hope it can help you as it is helping me.

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