Striving to live kindly, limit my impact on the environment and use my voice.

Hello and welcome to my little blog - here, you'll find bits and pieces on sustainability, feminism, veganism, body positivity and mental health, as well as travel stories and life updates! I'm a 25 year old, originally from Birmingham but now living in Cambridge in the UK, and I'm on a journey towards being the kindest person I can be. Nobody is perfect or has all the answers but I would like to share my progress with you, with the hope that we can inspire and help each other.

I spent last year travelling around Europe verrrrry slowly with my best friend and partner Ross, in our self-converted van called Victor. Victor is a tempermental Ford Transit who can quickly shift from being very protective of us (by randomly locking all of the van doors) to having a serious attitude problem (doesn't like going faster than 50 mph and occasionally makes noises at us)... But she became our cosy little home for a year and she was lovingly built by Ross himself (though most of the nick-nacks and contents are mine!). We had the most amazing, soul-changing, crazy, beautiful adventures out in Europe, and met some truly inspiring individuals and I'm hoping that we will keep our traveller's mindset with us forever now, even while we make our new home in Cambridge. 

Before we set off on our big trip, I had just finished my Masters degree in Biochemistry and Biological Chemistry at the University of Nottingham. Proteins, genes and cells are kinda my jam. I've just started working as an editor at The Royal Society of Chemistry but you won't find much science on here I'm afraid!  

I hope that you will accompany me on this journey, and please say hello and maybe drop me some links to your own blogs for me to check out? 

Much love, 


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