Striving to live kindly, limit my impact on the environment and use my voice.

Hello and welcome to my little blog - here, you'll find bits and pieces on sustainability, veganism, body positivity and activism, as well as travel stories and life updates! I'm on a journey towards being the kindest person I can be: for myself, other people, animals and the planet. I'm documenting my progress and what I learn, with the hope that we can inspire and help each other.

While travelling around Europe with my best friend and partner Ross in our self-converted van called Victor, we had wonderful adventures and experiences that inspired us to do more to look after our environment. Now we've returned to the UK, settled down in Cambridge and have a new addition to our family: Lassie the trailhound! Since moving into a house, we've tried our best to get into eco-friendly habits and continue the slow living movement we embraced on our van adventures.

I also work as a Publishing Editor for the Energy & Environment journals at the Royal Society of Chemistry. I spend my days assessing the very lastest scientific papers on a variety of topics relating to environmental science, the effects of pollution, sustainable energy solutions. The greatest lesson I've learnt from this is that positive change for sustainable has to come from every level: scientists need to continue their essential work; governments need to put policies in place to protect the environment; businesses need to prioritise sustainable solutions and eradicate the production of harmful pollutants but most of all, I've learnt that change needs to happen on an individual level too.  

I hope that you will accompany me on this journey and that we can make small but effective steps towards a sustainable future.  

Much love, 


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