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It feels a bit scary to be writing again, I have neglected this blog since December and a lot of things have happened in those couple of months.

In November, Ross and I moved to Hertfordshire for my new job as an editor for a dental publishing company. We moved in with Ross' family and, even though moving to a new place was tough, Ross has lots of friends there who made me feel welcome and I didn't feel lonely.

However, in February, I was lucky enough to be offered a position at The Royal Society of Chemistry so we have uprooted ourselves once more and are renting a place in Cambridge. I absolutely love my new job and my colleagues are really friendly, but it's frustrating when you have to start from scratch again to make friendships when you don't know anybody else in the area. I appreciate that these things take time though and I'm confident that we can start putting our roots down and take the opportunity to make lasting friendships in this new city.

It's also just weird to be living in a house again and settling back into society after being semi-nomadic in our van. We thoroughly adapted to roaming free through different countries, being slightly feral and living that minimalist dream, complete with showering outside in the nude and shitting in forests because our portaloo got too stinky in the summer. The reality of vanlife isn't as romantic as they make out on Instagram, but my goodness, I miss it. Acclimatising back into reality has been difficult and strange, so I am especially glad that I have shared all of these experiences with Ross. Feeling not-quite-part of society still can feel quite isolating. We've tried to continue practising many of the lessons we learnt from being in the van - from not owning that many clothes, to being careful with our waste and how we food shop, to keeping that traveller's mindset and seeing everything as a new adventure.

It does feel good to be sharing my thoughts again though. Writing can be so therapeutic but I've suffered from serious writing block recently and so I'm taking baby steps back into it. There was a point where most of my life was recorded on my blog, and I actually really miss that. I'm naturally a very open person and it's nice to have a space that I know is completely my own. My blog is back so please prepare for plenty more adventures, some pearls of wisdom hidden within my crazy rambles, some starkly honest posts about my feelings and maybe even some posts that you find vaguely helpful.

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