We Are Engaged!

Five years of knowing and laughing with my best friend and favourite human in the world; three and a half years of cuddling, sleeping, exploring, loving together; ten months of squishing up inside Victor the Van and now, three months of being engaged! Ross and I's little love story has never been conventional, but we've overcome many obstacles and have only become stronger as a couple.

We've only just finished telling our closest family and friends about our engagement, because they're scattered all around England! Trips to Hertfordshire, Birmingham, Lincolnshire, Cumbria and lots of places in between have been necessary to spread our good news! Our engagement began in the beautiful country of Slovenia (which we fell in love with while on our tour of Europe), and we wanted to tell our family, who mean so much to us, in person. Therefore, the first month of our engagement was a secret from everyone back home, apart from a couple of friends who visited us after our engagement (shout-out to James and Tom for keeping our big news!) and a few new friends we made in Europe, who we introduced ourselves to as an engaged couple.

In the spirit of our relationship, where we are very much equal and make big decisions together, our engagement did not include a proposal or a surprise. Instead, prior to our engagement day, we sat and talked about what we wanted from our future. We both knew that we wanted to be together forever (an excellent sign!) and agreed that we did want to get married. As our travels continued, it felt like the right time to take that next step. Although it is exciting, getting engaged hasn't actually changed anything for us - we won't be getting married for a few years (what's the rush?), mostly to let our bank accounts recover from our travels and because our priorities are to establish jobs and find a place to live first! Getting engaged has instead meant that we can properly share our plans to stay together forever with those close to us, which has been lovely.

When we discussed getting married, and therefore engaged, we both heavily implied *cough* that we wanted to be the one to propose. As a proud feminist, I didn't want to partake in the sexist undertones of a traditional wedding proposal, but it didn't quite feel right to take the lead myself. Ross felt the same way, so we decided instead to propose together. We didn't feel any pressure or worries, and we took the leap into our engagement at the same moment, and began planning what we started calling "The Special Day".

We decided that "The Special Day" would be one where we worried less about money (though we still didn't go crazy) whilst having a fun-filled day somewhere beautiful. Numerous travellers we had met already had told us how spectacular the country of Slovenia was, and recommended us going to Triglav National Park, near to the Slovenian capital of Llubljana (pronounced "lub-li-arna"). So that's exactly where we went!

We booked an Air BnB for one night, near to Lake Bled and Triglav National Park. We started the day by visiting the stunning Tolmin Gorge (another tip, but this time from some Slovenian friends), which included a long walk, a little trip into a cave and gorgeous views over the Soca River (pronounced "soch-ar"). We also had a long drive in our Victor the van through the National Park, up the steep little roads, with panoramas and forests, sharp turns and narrow passes! Our evening was spent milling around the cute Air BnB we had found, cooking up a huge feast (though Ross did all of that, I was just his little kitchen assistant) and then we ate our way into the night! After a wonderful day together, we curled up in bed and held each other close. I whispered "Will you be with me forever?" while he asked "Will you marry me?". And with huge grins on our faces, we said yes and we were suddenly engaged!

We very much did it our way, and I couldn't be happier.

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