My November '18 Fails and Successes

I've decided that a nice little round-up of each month will be really good for several reasons. It will allow me to track my own progress, for one thing. I don't have a diary, I have this blog instead and it will be nice to see some of the areas I know that I need to improve on for the future, and then how far I've progressed. I also think that it's really important to be truly transparent. We live in a world where social media and the internet allows people to highlight and edit their lives, and of course I'm the same in many ways. But nobody is perfect, and I'd like to share honestly with you what my failures and struggles have been, especially with my vegan and zero-waste lifestyle (or attempt at one!). I never ever want this blog to become a place for harsh judgement or to have a preachy vibe to it. All of my opinions are my own and what I think is right and the kindest way to be, but I do not look down on or critique other people for how they live. I'm just trying to be the best person that I can be, and if we can inspire each other along the way, then that is great!

It's never healthy to focus on the negatives, so my monthly successes will be celebrated in these posts too! And since the positives always outweight the negatives, I've decided to share just 5 "fails" and then 10 "successes" (it's best to end on a good note!).

November's Flops

1. I purchased new clothes from high street shops for my new job...
Despite my success at finding two new turtlenecks for work at the Worth The Weight Vintage Kilo Sale and desperately scouring a couple of charity shops with no avail, I ended up caving in and buying new clothing pieces and shoes for my new workplace, from Topshop and M&S.

Aim for the future: to stop buying from high street shops, and instead from either local, sustainable, organic or second-hand shops.

2. I became anxious over moving and my new job, and stopped sleeping in the week before...
I think it was a mix of nerves and excitement, but I just didn't sleep very much between being told I got my new job and actually starting it. I got scared that I would miss out on things in Birmingham or forget things that I had to do, so didn't relax enough to rest.

Aim for the future: try to remember that self-care and sleep is more important than silly little tasks and that everything works out.

3. I bought a heck of a lot of vegan food in packaging...
I love pre-made vegan food such as plant milks, protein meat-alternatives like Linda McCartney and Quorn and vegan pizza and tofu etc, but they are so bad for the environment. They've already travelled more than simple vegetables and fruit usually have, because they've been additionally processed and *then* they are put in packaging which is the exact opposite of zero waste. But I bought them anyway because I don't have enough time to cook from scratch all the time and it makes being vegan just that little bit easier.

Aim for the future: one day, I'd love to cut them out or be able to make them myself but I don't think it will be anytime soon because of my current circumstances.

4. I didn't food shop at any independent shops, only at supermarkets...
I've only just moved to my new area in Hertfordshire, and as of yet, I have no idea where my local bakery, fruit and veg shop or farmers market is and it's been really easy and time-saving to buy from the nearby supermarket.

Aim for the future: to cut out supermarket shops one day, and support local, more sustainable businesses.

5. I purchased a new eyeliner in plastic packaging...

I recently ran out of my Kat Von D eye-liner and started looking for a new, better vegan and cruelty free eyeliner. I did browse online a few zero-waste eyeliners or those that came in compostable or refillable packaging, but in the end, gave in and went for an Urban Decay felt-tip-style liner that comes in a stupid plastic pen thing. I've tried other kinds of eye-liner in the past, but I just prefer the felt-tip eyeliners, and I don't want to try lots and end up not using them.

Aim for the future: to test a couple of compostable/refillable eye-liners in the hope I find one I do like.

November's Wins

1. I gave my blog a make-over and I'm really loving the new look. I've also started writing and scheduling lots of new posts for the future, so that there is less pressure to keep up with it while working at my new job!

2. I fully transitioned back to veganism in the latter half of this month, now that myself and Ross are buying our own food shops again. I'm also focusing on eating healthier and I'm starting to figure out what exactly sets off my tummy issues.

3. I managed to secure my wonderful new job really quickly and can now financially look after myself and Ross while we start this new chapter together down South.

4. I replaced my make-up wipes and moisturiser with coconut oil in my beauty regime, but only once I'd completely run out of them.

5. I attended my very first vintage kilo clothing sales event and found two turtlenecks suitable for work there.

6. I have not just survived, but really enjoyed my new job - meeting new people and learning so many new terms and skills.

7. I have walked to and from work every day since starting, via a route through fields and a little woodland, which is a lovely start to the day.

8. Before I left Birmingham, I helped my parents and sister prepare the house, donated and recycled items that they had been hoarding, walked the dogs and did lots of chores to support my parents.

9. I figured out, with Ross, a new routine for ourselves and our hopes/plans for the immediate future.

10. I have successfully moved to Hertfordshire!

I think it's good to reflect on what we've achieved already and things that we want to achieve in the future. If you feel like sharing your fails and/or successes, then please share them with me in the comments below!

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