'Worth The Weight' Vintage Kilo Sale Haul!

The Worth The Weight Vintage Kilo Sales events are linked to a company called Vintage Wholesale Company, who are based in Hull, UK. The theory behind such events is that they will more than satisfy your vintage clothing needs, without breaking the bank, because you pay only for the weight of the clothes that you pick! There is a £1.50 entry charge (or £3 for early-bird entry at 11:00 am instead of 12:00 pm) and then it is £15 per kilo of clothing (which is usually around 4 or 5 items). I was invited to the event as a blogger and was given free entry into the event in Birmingham, at St-Martin-in-the-Bull-Ring, for myself and a friend, so decided to check out if it was worth the hype!

I was initially drawn to the sale because vintage clothes shopping is supporting slow fashion, which is much better for the environment than shopping in high street shops that are producing throwaway clothing, clogging up landfill sites. Fast fashion and the production of new clothes is destroying the world we know by draining lakes in the farming of conventional cotton, polluting water sources and, of course, these clothes have often travelled a long way to get to the UK, producing lots of green-houses gases along their route. Ideally, we would shop organic clothing that doesn't shed harmful microfibres and have been produced locally. However, these are often pricey and I for one cannot afford to spend over £100 on one basic top (though hopefully one day in the future the price of organic cotton will come down because it will be the norm). My approach to sustainability and zero waste is to do as much as I can, in small steps, and so putting my money into vintage, reused clothing rather than ones designed for just one season, is my way of doing my bit. Alternatively, if I do buy something from a regular clothing shop, I am now only buying pieces that I know I will wear time and time again, and I'm not letting myself impulse-buy. Thrifting, in vintage or charity shops, is generally much better for the world, especially if you buy them yourself and don't order online (where you risk getting pesky one-use plastic packaging)!

Clutching my bag of goodies inside St-Martin-in-the-Bull-Ring in Birmingham at the event!

I arrived just before 11, and there was a fairly large queue forming. People who had bought tickets online were ushered in very quickly, at 11am on the dot, and I think that those buying on the door had to wait a few minutes extra. Once inside, the sheer amount of clothing there was a bit overwhelming - I had no idea where to start! I quickly spotted the dresses section, and started browsing. Once I saw all the pretty dresses, I instantly forgot my new minimalist mantra, and had a small pile forming in my bag. I made my way over to the skirts next, and found one that I liked the look of - a navy-blue spotty midi skirt, then popped over to the tops and found a pretty cream silk blouse. I headed over to the make-shift changing rooms and tried them all on but sadly they just didn't quite fit or if they did, I decided they weren't perfect enough for me to justify buying them when I'm trying to purchase only staples. I sadly put them back and let other people squeal over them instead... It was so helpful to be able to see if items fitted me after choosing them, but I do wish that there had been a few more changing cubicles as the queues built up at certain times and there were only 5 in total.

After trying my first lot of clothes on, I then spotted the turtleneck section! I already own a black ribbed turtleneck but have been finding myself reaching for it over and over again, and it's been in a constant cycle of washing and wearing! So I realised that having a couple more of them would really add to my winter wardrobe and I can wear them with so many of my other clothes that I already have. I managed to find a cute black, slightly glittery, roll neck that is quite light-weight and so soft, which will go with so many of my skirts and trousers! I also discovered a slightly longer, and very figure-hugging white turtleneck, with black dots on, which I will definitely be wearing to work.

Trying on my new black turtleneck, with the hints of glitter!
I then had a spot of luck in the accessories section and realised that the silk scarves they had would be a perfect way to gift wrap for Christmas! I must admit that I was inspired by Lush, who have been doing this for a while now, and so I picked up four of them just to see how they would be received by my friends and family. Since the silk scarves are so light, they cost me just over a quid for all four of them! In fact, my entire shop of those six items came to £7.80! If I'd bought just one of those turtlenecks from, say, New Look, it would have been about £9.00 so I'm really chuffed with my purchases and proud of myself for not going crazy and sticking to my guns. It was hard because they had so much amazing stock to sift through. They had some truly showstopping dresses but I already have a couple of nice party dresses and sadly don't need anymore, so I resisted the lure!

The four beautiful silk scarves that I rummaged around for will make beautiful zero-waste gift wrap, as well as being so wearable!

There were quite a lot of people there, especially early on. I noticed two large influxes of people: one at 11am and then one at midday when the entry price dropped from £3 to £1.50. There was still plenty of room for everyone despite this though. It was definitely quieter later on, though still lots of stuff to choose from as new stock was bought out regularly. The staff there were so hard working, and were always running around, ensuring that clothing was put on hangers properly and that empty gaps were replenished with new items really quickly. They were also super friendly, smiling and happy to help. I noticed one girl asked a fella working there if he would try on a coat for her, so she could see if it suited her boyfriend, and he stopped what he was doing and even gave her a twirl!

A weighing machine was situated by the changing rooms so that you could see how much everything was going to cost you before you took your haul to the tills, which was very helpful. Luckily, you could also pay by card or cash at the tills, so I didn't have rush around before-hand to make sure I had enough money on me. Unfortunately, they didn't let me return the plastic bag that I collected the clothes in, as they seal it once you've paid to make sure that you don't steal anything. I can understand this because there are so many people running around that the staff couldn't keep an eye on what people were doing, or leaving with, and the guy at the check-out did say that the bags could at least be recycled. My mum is reusing the bag to take items to our local charity shop so at least it's going to good use.

I ended up having a fabulous time at the event, spending about two and a half hours there, and I'm very happy with all my purchases! Thank you to 'Worth The Weight' and I'll definitely be checking out more of the events in the future because you never know what you'll find - no two will be the same!
Trying on my new dotty turtleneck top! 

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