Remembering Our Brexit Tour Adventures

While we were traipsing across Europe in our self-converted campervan Victor, we didn't really have any internet. I really wish that I'd written more blog posts on our adventures, but it suddenly hit me that I could still do it, now that I have unlimited wifi access!

I'm going to start recounting some of our adventures from the last six months, as well as sharing things that I'm currently doing. I think it would still be cool to share what we got up to, and it's a good opportunity to record my memories (in case I get old and forget everything!). 

I'm going to denote such adventure posts with (BREXIT TOUR), to separate them from the adventures I'll be recording from the present. To be honest, I'm making these posts more for myself than anyone else, but if you do enjoy them then let me know as it will be much appreciated! 

My first such post has just been published, alongside this one, so please check it out!

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