Joining Amnesty International

You've probably heard of Amnesty International already - it's a huge organisation that helps to organise its members into a force for good, focusing on fighting for human rights all over the world. They pop up occasionally in the news, giving stark truths about governments mistreating their people or with their campaigns on social media, protest marches and poignant letters demanding change from those in power.

I first came across Amnesty face-to-face at my sixth form, which had its own little group of students, diligently writing letters. I must honestly say that I didn't go very often. As a teenager, I felt very caught up in my own problems, which ironically paled in significance to those of the people that Amnesty were helping, and only a few letters came from my own hand. I saw Amnesty again at the University of Nottingham, and I did become a member in my first year... But I felt intimidated by the size of the university society and, once again, didn't stick to it.

I suppose that even at 16 and 18, I wasn't mature enough to understand the significance of what Amnesty International does, why it is needed and how much it achieves. A couple of weeks ago, I was suddenly struck by the thought that I should become a member myself, on my own terms. Since travelling in the van, my understanding of the world and its people have widened. I want to do my bit to help.

So, I promptly Googled "Amnesty International" and the black, white and yellow website popped up. It's so easy to become a member, you simply click on the word 'Register' in the top right corner, highlighted in blue, and fill in your email and create a username and password! By signing up, you can have updates on the latest human rights campaigns, sign online petitions and send campaign emails to people with the power to make change, such as your local MP. The beauty of it is that you can make a difference with just a few clicks!

With that in mind, I'm going to share summaries of some of the campaigns and issues on here with you (under the category 'Worldwide Kindness'), in the hope that I can spread further awareness and, most importantly, motivate myself to do more! Are you a member of Amnesty International or any other campaign groups?

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