A Frida Kahlo Exhibition in Milan! (BREXIT TOUR)

I am a long time fan of the famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. I've dreamed of seeing her artwork ever since I did a big project about her for my GCSE art award.

I couldn't believe my luck when I happened to see an advert for a Frida Kahlo exhibition in Milan! The exhibition was at the relatively new MUDEC museum and promised to shed a new light on the artist. There was no way I could miss this opportunity so I did some digging online and managed to book tickets for myself and Ross. He's heard me harping on about Frida for years so was intrigued to learn more!

The tickets were pretty pricey at €15 (though we got €4 off with reduced tickets as we are European citizens under 25 years old). I do think that the price is worth it though as it's potentially a once-in-a-lifetime exhibition for such a wonderful artist.

The museum wasn't particularly central but easy to spot as it's pretty big. We collected our tickets after a nightmare trying to park, and found ourselves in a dark room with a huge lit up and moving image of Frida's face, and a moving introduction to her life.

The next room was an illustrated film and though it was in Italian, it was utterly beautiful. Luckily, everything else in the exhibition was translated into both English and Italian. We opted not to go for an audio guide and I think we made the right decision as there were plenty of information panels.

The exhibition contained a fair few of her most famous paintings, such as 'Self Portrait with Thorn Necklace', 'Self Portrait with Braid', 'Diego On My Mind' and my personal favourite, 'The Broken Column'. They looked even better in real life.

But more unusually, you could also appreciate many casual sketches of Frida's that had been found. It was really nice to just see unfinished paintings, sketches and doodles. Additionally, they'd collected hundreds of photos of Frida, taken over her lifetime, and letters she had written.

The exhibition not only allows the visitor to see many beautiful famous Kahlo paintings, but also gives a real glimpse into her life and personality. I recommend it to everyone - whether a hard core fan or a Frida newbie, you can't help but learn from and love this fabulous exhibition at the MUDEC in Milan!

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