Back In The UK!

We've been pretty quiet about it, but Ross and I have been back in England for about 3 weeks. Driving up and around the country and seeing our family has been so so lovely, and it's been the perfect transition from travelling Europe to being back home.

I was surprised by how emotional I felt when we drove off the ferry at Dover. We had (and still have) no concrete plans and as soon as Victor the van's wheels touched British soil/concrete once more, I began mourning our travels.

But now is the start of our new big adventure: finding somewhere to live, new jobs and ways to earn money. The first step has been catching up with those we neglected while we were away, and now we are rewriting our CVs, getting careers advice and thinking about our future together.

We still have Victor, and I think she will be staying with us for a good while longer. The van has been our permanent home for 11 months, and she's looking very lived in at the moment! We'll be giving her some TLC now and fixing her up, now that we are back. She's already had one preliminary clean, though it was hard to do because we are still living out of her! I'll try to keep updating the blog when we add stuff to her, as I want to start getting back into recording everything.

Now that our family and friends have been hosting us, I've been really appreciating having access to: a hot private indoor shower; ovens (goodness me, I've missed roast potatoes!); microwaves for quick reheating; taps for running water because washing up is now SO much easier and, of course, wi-fi!

It has been a lil bit frustrating that in the most exciting journey of my life (so far!), I haven't really been able to blog or vlog, simply because of having no internet. I've also lost a ton of my photos from when our van was broken into in Rome, Italy.

So I'm going to try to make up for it now that I am home! Expect lots of updates and hopefully, new and interesting adventures! I hope you're all well and if you have any questions about our travels, then feel free to comment below!

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