Caminito Del Rey (BREXIT TOUR)

Caminito Del Rey is a famous walk, near Málaga in Spain, which has become a pretty popular tourist attraction. So popular in fact, that when we came to book two tickets for it a week in advance, it was already sold out! I did a bit of Googling and apparently tickets always sell out pretty quickly (so book a couple of months in advance if you can). Ross had given up going when my internet searching told me that we could still get to do the walk. If you turn up early and queue, you can still get tickets on the day. The tickets were €10 per person, which I think is a fair price for the experience and how popular it is.

So we dutifully got up early and arrived at the ticket office for 8:30am. We did have to wait a long time (about 2 hours), but it went pretty quickly and the walk was worth the queuing.

The walkway was once known as the most dangerous walk in the world, after 5 people died on it. It meant that the walkway was then shut for a whole decade and only reopened to the public in 2015, after extensive refurbishment.

The path you now walk around is completely new and you feel 100% safe. You can actually still see large parts of the old path as you go along, and it's easy to see how the fatalities happened. They are old, crumbly and narrow. One of the old "bridges" was more of a concrete plank, with no handrail... It looked terrifying.

As a testament to its new and improved safety, when we visited, there was a coachload of elderly people also doing the walk. It is a nice easy route, though there is a point near the end with quite a lot of stairs. But you aren't rushed and can take the walk at your own pace. There's always a handrail and quite a few benches for resting, which are dotted along the path.

The views of the valley are spectacular. I would recommend taking a hat and a bottle of water though because there isn't much shade and I can imagine it getting very hot in the summer! Walking boots and comfy clothes are definitely a must too because the walk is about 3 to 4 hours long. Also be prepared to have to wear an ugly hair net and hard hat...

You should also make sure to bring some change with you! The walk is not circular so if you have arrived by car/van/motor home and parked near the entrance of the walk (the south side), then you have to get a bus from the north side/the exit. After you finish the walk, you do have to walk quite a way to the bus stop as well, which is next to the train station. Buses were every half an hour and cost 1€45 per person. If you buy your ticket online (well done you, very organised), then you can purchase your bus ticket at the same time.

We really enjoyed this walk, and it was fascinating to see how it used to look as well! Do you think you could have braved the old walk?

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