Our Christmas Day in France! (BREXIT TOUR)

So today has been the strangest Christmas of our lives. Nothing amazing happened, except that it's mine and Ross' very first Christmas together and we've been staying in a little chalet in Asserac, France.


Instead of our usual Christmas days spent with our respective families back home, it's just us and Yogi the cat celebrating together. Ross donned his denim dungarees and a festive santa hat (ha). We've had a a lovely chilled out day - we watched cartoons in the morning (Steven Universe is AMAZING and you should definitely check it out as it's hilarious) while nibbling on lots of snacks.


I learnt how to make a proper fire, under Ross' masterful guidance. Fire is pretty and now IT IS UNDER MY COMMAND. I won't lie, I'm very proud of myself even though it's something I should have learnt a long long time ago!

In the afternoon, I rang my family who are all gathered in Lincolnshire celebrating together. When I said my goodbyes, I felt really emotional and had a little cry. I've loved being with Ross but for the first time since I left it properly hit me that I'm not seeing them for a while and how much I miss them, especially my parents, sister and doggies. Every year, I write a little ditty (a cheeky rhyming poem) about my family for Christmas that I read out over Christmas dinner. It was started by my genius grandad years ago, never failing to make us all chuckle and I've taken over the mantle. I wrote one for them this year despite not being there, and it was weird to write knowing I wouldn't be able to see my family's reactions. Anyway, Ross gave me a big cuddle and we spoke about how much we both missed our fams back home and it made me feel a lot better.


One of Ross' family's traditions is to watch It's A Wonderful Life at their local cinema. I decided a couple of months ago, before we left on our travels, to download the film onto my laptop as a surprise for Ross on Christmas day. So he was very happy, and it was my first time watching it. Needless to say, we both bawled our eyes out and it was dark by the time it finished!


Ross, the talented cook, then set to cooking us a marvellous feast - roast ham for him, and tuna for me (as a pesky pescatarian), with all the roast trimmings (well, a fair portion of them). Our little chalet has been overflowing with food since we spent 3 times our weekly budget for the festivities (oops), but it was soooooo worth it!


It's been a pretty pure Christmas as it goes - no decorations, no "presents" in the physical sense though we did buy more food for ourselves and rented a chalet. It's felt like a bit of an alien Christmas! Completely isolated apart from the cat and no structure. I've enjoyed it but next year I definitely want to be with my family again, back in Lincolnshire. I'm not religious, so to me Christmas is Family Time. It's the time of year when all my tribe gather together for a couple of days of delicious food, laughter and just the excuse to be around each other. I love it and I miss them. I hope you all have had a wonderful day today, and I send my love to you all. It's back to normality tomorrow (and for us, the van)!


  1. We all cried too after Sam read your so, so funny and brilliant Xmas ditty.
    You were very much in our hearts & thoughts all of Xmas.
    When you love your daughters you must let them fly free.
    Enjoy your adventures both.
    Mumma cherry!


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