Our Christmas Chalet (BREXIT TOUR)

Myself and Ross decided early on that since we left England in November, we wouldn't turn around and go home for Christmas. Instead, we'd do Christmas just the two of us, in our van.

We have no fixed schedule for where we travel, or when, so we weren't sure where we would even be when Christmas rolled around. We toyed with the idea of booking a restaurant, but then I was struck by a wonderful thought a couple of weeks ago: an AirBnB. We left it till the week before to actually search for places so we had a better plan for the area we'd be around.

It turned out that we were in Brittany, France, so we booked a chalet in the next region over, in Asserac, near Nantes. We arrived and found an adorable wooden chalet awaiting us! We had a little house tour and despite our awful French managed to get the gist of everything (we think!).


To our surprise, because of our aforementioned awful French, the chalet came complete with the fluffiest cat I've ever seen in my life. She is called Yogi and was the best accidental Christmas surprise. She's lovely and we were letting her in and out of the chalet constantly, and feeding her twice a day. It's nice being a temporary kitty parent. Even Ross, who dislikes most cats, loves her. She had him wrapped around her fluffy paws.


The best thing about the chalet though was that it had a great kitchen - complete with an actual oven! Oh how I have missed ovens! We've been living with only a 3-ring hob to cook on - so nothing roasted or baked. I'd been desperate for a roast dinner and chips and cake. Not necessarily together but I wasn't that fussy. And now I'm just so happy to have had access to an oven for 3 whole days! It was truly amazing. The chips and the roasts were just as good as I'd imagined.


The chalet itself was so cosy and quaint, with a big log burner and cute decorations hanging in every nook and cranny! It felt strangely homely - it's clearly well loved by the family who owns it. It was perfect for our little Christmas break. It's definitely inspired dreams of owning a cute chalet one day!


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