Hyperbole And A Half by Allie Brosh

I think that Hyperbole and a Half was the first blog that I ever came across, and I was enchanted. It made me laugh till I cried and feel a strange kinship with this stranger who also seemed to struggle with this odd world we live in.

I'd come back to the blog every couple of months, eager for more entries. So when earlier this year, while perusing a book shop in Oxford, I spotted this book on display, I felt an itching within me. I knew that I was supposed to be saving money, but I'd be supporting a blogger so what the heck? I grabbed it and rushed to the counter and became the proud owner of the book Hyperbole and a Half and I do not regret it.

My bank account regrets it since it cost me £10.99 but we shall move on from this swiftly...

Just as the blog has made me feel a plethora of emotions, the book did the same. Allie Brosh (whose name I did not know until purchasing this book, ha) has such a wonderful way of storytelling. Allie also discusses depression in a unique and enlightening way. It was her blog posts on her depression that helped me understand how my best friend felt when she had depression when we were in our teens. I, fortunately, had not been through it yet and it really helped me to understand how she felt.

Somehow, Allie also uses Microsoft Paint pictures to help tell her stories. It is one of the comic elements to her style of "essays" and adds to the stories' brilliant simplicity.

If you don't have that connection with Hyperbole and a Half from her blog, then I suggest having a look first before thinking about purchasing the book. And then, when you inevitably fall in love with Allie Brosh (or "the hyperbole girl" as I referred to her for a long time), then go get her book so you can absorb more of her wisdom and misadventures.


  1. An odd coincidence: I also first stumbled across this book in Oxford - small world!
    And on a completely different note, your dog is adorable!

  2. Haha wow - what are the chances?! Thank you:D his name is Sherlock and I have his brother Watson as well, they are hella cute! I see you have a golden retriever?? Dogs are the best xx

  3. Aww, I love their names! I actually have brothers as well - so weird! We went to pick up one we had chosen ahead of time, and the family that was supposed to take his brother a few days before had never shown up, so we ended up with both haha. Their names are Kemba and Jimmer (my brothers named them after basketball players). I agree completely - best creatures in the world :)

  4. Awwww so cute! That was clearly fate 😉 we accidentally got Watson as well 😂 we "pretended" to want a puppy to get Sherlock vaccination documents... Then fell in love and ended up with the puppy anyway!

  5. I love those kinds of stories haha. Puppies are irresistible like that <3

  6. Similar story here. “Hyperbole and a half” was the first blog I really ever felt attached to or was even properly aware of. It’s a testament to how well written it is that I’ve read the book twice and every blog post three times and still find something new to laugh about. I find it tragic that Allie no longer posts but it seems in some ways it may be healthier for her as a person and I respect that.

  7. I feel the same way! She has a knack for making some of the darker things so relatable and funny, I just hope she's ok... What's your favourite story/blog post?

  8. I personally love the year Kenny Loggins ruined Christmas. The drawings just bring the sheer insanity of the situation to life.


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