The Sex Lives of English Women by Wendy Jones

So, I recently went away for a long weekend to the Lake District and took one big book to read. This was a mistake because by the second day, I'd read it and needed a new book. Luckily, we went to Kendal, a cute lil town with lotsa shops, which had a Waterstones. After about 30 minutes deliberating and picking up and putting down random books, I made a snap decision and picked up this one. Not gonna lie, it was probably because I saw the word sex in the title, ha.

It turned out to be a collection of intimate interviews with different English women about their sex lives and how they feel about sex. Each chapter is a different woman's monologue and Wendy Jones perfectly captures the inner voices of these women. It's this touch, combined with the personal nature of what the women are talking about, that makes the book feel more like you are having a conversation with each woman than just reading an exchange of words.

It also highlights some of the problems with how we talk about sex in Britain, and how this affects real people's sex lives and self-confidence.

I really really enjoyed reading this - it was absolutely fascinating to read about sex from completely different perspectives. The women interviewed included: a transgender woman, a Buddhist nun, lesbian women, straight women, bisexual women, disabled women, women into BDSM, polyamorous women, virgin women and women of different ethnic groups, cultures and religions. The women ranged in ages from 18 years old to 95 years old! So a truly diverse range of English women with extremely interesting attitudes to sex! And some surprising opinions from select individuals that you wouldn't expect as well... So go read this booook!

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