Girl Up by Laura Bates

Girl Up is the book I've been needing for the past ten years. Part of me wishes it was part of the school curriculum...

It has twelve chapters about everything you need to think, or unthink, about being a woman: social media; body image; gender roles; mental health; ambitions; masturbation; slut shaming; women in the media; sexism; porn; feminism and having sex. All things that we need to think and talk about as modern women (and men), written in a witty and hilariously honest way by an inspirational but REAL woman.  If I could, I would buy this book for all of my friends (so I hope people aren't surprised if I buy it for them for Christmas next year).

This book will make you smile. This book will make you giggle while you are walking down the street. It will get you an odd look from the old man on the train who has glimpsed the illustration of dancing vaginas. It will make you feel confident in your body. It will give you a new belief in yourself and your abilities. It will encourage you to reach your full potential. And it might even change how you see the world (but in a good way). It's inclusive; it's loving and it is honest.

A lot of non-fiction, and especially feminist books, are boring as hell and/or angry and/or hard to read. Girl Up is none of these things. I was actually sad when it ended and usually I only feel that way with a really good fiction book. I mean, this might just be me because I am a bit of a feminist weirdo but upon closing the book for the last time, I felt like shouting "VAGINAS ARE GREAT!" to my room. Because vaginas are great. Just as great as penises (penii?) are. And this book is perfect.

Seriously, go get this book. Whether you identify as a woman or a man, put away the preconceptions you have about feminists and read this book. Go buy it. Just, order it off Amazon or go in person and buy it because you need it. Or borrow it from the library. You need this book. WE ALL NEED THIS BOOK. Okay. I'm done now. (Read the book).

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